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Pony Club Rallies 

Throughout the year we will be running rallies for all our of members across all activities. These rallies will be aimed at developing our kids riding skills, horsemanship and education around stable management, and animal welfare. 

We will look to develop each child based on their experience to date and prepare them for the appropriate proficiency test that is relevant. 

General Rally Rules & Turnout

  • Please arrive in plenty time for the rally

  • Do not mount until the instructor has checked your tack & given you permission to mount.

  • Please ensure unmounted siblings, friends or relatives are properly supervised. 

  • Ponies must be clean and groomed with correctly fitting clean tack. No need to plait but pony’s mane should be neat.

  • Riders must wear plain jodhpurs (white, beige, navy or black), approved footwear & riding hat (see standard below), gloves and an approved back protector.

  • Long hair must be tied back neatly, preferably in a hairnet. No earrings/jewelry allowed.

  • Collared shirt and pony club tie and sweatshirt finish the standard attire.

  • For X country rallies, an approved skull cap must be worn (i.e. no hard peak riding hats).

  • At Pony Club competitions, there will always be a tack inspection of child and pony.

Riding Hat Standards for Irish Pony Club

As part of the Irish Pony club, all members Hats will be checked according to the disciplines being performed. 

Riding Hat Standards.jpg
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