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The pony club runs a series of tests known as proficiency tests which are designed to help members become better riders & have a better understanding of how to look after your pony & tack. 


Test cards which set out the requirements for each test will be given to each child before the test.

When you pass a test, you get a signed certificate and a coloured disc to wear behind your Pony Club Badge. There are different coloured certificates and discs for different tests.

All Pony Club tests are optional (but needed to compete in Junior categories and up) and are designed to encourage & improve riding & care of ponies. Members are encouraged to progress through them during their time in Pony Club, but not to become discouraged if they do not attain the required standard on first attempt. We will inform you when we are planning to run tests as there will be a number of rallies leading up to the test that any intending test child will need to attend.

 E Test 

Children must be in their 6th year. It’s a voluntary test and not necessary to either take this test or pass it before attempting the D test

D Test

Children must be in their 8th year and have a basic knowledge of riding & handling ponies. Jumping not required. The badge for this test is yellow.

D+ Test

Children must be in their 10th year and will be required to canter, apply aids & show a basic knowledge of looking after a pony. The badge for this test is white.

C Test

Children must be in their 12th year. This test is required for members wishing to do Junior Eventing and the Hunter Trial Championships. Riders must be competent cross country and have increased knowledge of stable management including knowing how to ride and look after a pony off grass. There will be many preparation rallies held. The badge for this test is green.


Safety Test

Riding & Road Safety test is usually the next test done in the pony club. Children must be at minimum in their 12th year. Aims to provide safety whilst riding on the road. It is necessary to have this test before undertaking the C+ test.

C+ Test

Children must be at minimum in their 14th year. Riders should be effective and be able to ride a horse in a correct shape on the flat. Be able to ride over different fences in all paces. Show knowledge of looking after a stabled pony and a pony off grass. The badge for this test is pink.

Next Steps

B Test, H Test, B+ Test and A Test - These are for serious and dedicated riders.

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