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Minimus is a “Triathlon” competition involving swimming, running  & cross country riding. Children under 12yrs on Jan 1st are eligible. There are loads of fun minimus held from April to May that allow kids to learn their skills as preparation for the National Championships. These are held as 1 day event in locations across the country. Children must be capable of jumping an 80cm cross country course, swimming as many lengths as possible in 2 minutes and running 1000m as fast as they can! It is a fantastic competition and well worth considering


The National Minimus championships competition is held over 2 days, cross country riding on day 1 with swimming & running on day 2. .

No area qualifier for Championships but DC must sign off competency and the child/pony combination must have attended training and competed safely in at least 2 fun minimus competitions demonstrating ability to complete the XC course. The Championship XC course at National Minimus level is typically very demanding.

National Championships : 13th & 14th June 2020, Millstreet, Co.Cork


NCL swimming training takes place every Friday night at 7 pm in K-leisure, Naas from September for the following year. Here we have 2 lanes active, for all kids interested with full instruction available for kids. We have a lane for our smaller kids 9  and under who are also receive excellent tuition. This training sets all the kids up well for swimming as far as possible in the allocated 2 mins. 


If you would like to get involved please contact Sinead or Killian on the contact us page. Running training will start up in January/February and plenty of notice will be given.


NCL running Training takes place every Friday night at 6 pm at K Leisure Naas from the middle of January weather permitting. Sinead Gleeson is an affiliated Athletics Ireland coach and she will be training the kids for this discipline. Relays are a key part of the training here and all kids love the competition and training camaraderie. 


Cross Country

As part of the minimus training, NCL will be arrange cross country training sessions, in venues to ensure all kids have relevant experience prior to attending any of the fun minimus competitions. There are typically many hunter trials in the weeks leading up to these and a full list of these will be published on the website.


Irish Pony Club Tack Sheet for Cross Country can be downloaded here

Fun Minimus Competitions 

 All Fun Minimus competitions are postponed at present due to COVID 19

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