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Hunter Trials

Hunter trials are cross country (XC) competitions where competitors aim to make the fastest/optimum time while going clear over the course. Riders can compete individually, pairs or teams of three.  Hunter trials can take place at any time of the year but the most popular months are March/April/May.


A list of hunter trials (not necessarily Pony Club events) can be found on ‘Hunter Trials (Ireland)’ Facebook page. These competitions can be used to prepare the children for going into Pony Club events with a cross country  element such as Eventing, Minimus & Tetrathalon.

At Easter each year the Irish Pony Club Hunter Trial Championships take place. Qualification is not required but you will need to be signed off by the District Commissioner as competent and with a suitable and fit pony/horse that has been competing in the current year at hunter trials.


Members must have C test for this competition.

Ponies must be at least 5 years.

The Hunter Trial championships include the following competitions:

Senior Singles / Pairs/ Teams of Three

Minimum Age 15 & Under 23 years on Jan 1st. Max height 1.05 m.

Competition will be based on fastest time

Novice Intermediate Singles / Pairs

Open to riders 15 years or over who are not yet ready to move up to Senior level. Max height 90cm.

 Junior Singles / Pairs / Teams of Three

min. 11 years under 15 years. Max height 90 cm. Fastest time.

Cross Country Tack Sheet

Irish Pony Club Tack Sheet for Cross Country can be downloaded here

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